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lemme see if it was any good
no delete it i look dumb


lemme see if it was any good

no delete it i look dumb



Hey! So, I was cleaning out my room and realized that there’s a lot of cool stuff that I have doubles of, or I never wear/use, so I thought, “You know what? Let’s have a giveaway!” Here’s the things I put together, and this lot has a total of 20 nerd-tastic items. (BTW, sorry that I have the worst camera/lighting. )


  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (the pages are unturned & clean but the cover is lightly loved from my move last summer)
  • Gryffindor Tie
  • The Tardis Inside Out by John Nathan-Turner (Published in 1985, so, yes, there are a little nicks here and there. It’s 30 years old.)
  • Snape is loyal/Snape will betray bumper stickers from 2007 midnight release of Deathly Hallows
  • Flight Control TARDIS (Still in box)
  • Harry Potter Postcard Book with Collectible Figurine (Still in box)
  • Harry Potter Sorcerer’s Stone Postcard Book (From 2001. All cards still intact.)
  • Super Mario Plushie Keychain/Coin Purse
  • 11th Doctor and Amy Pond Series 5 Alarm Clock (Batteries Not Included)
  • Mockingjay Pin
  • Cloning Charlie! T-Shirt Size Large
  • Fan Art Oswin Oswald T-Shirt Size Large
  • Green Lantern T-Shirt Size Large
  • Wonder Woman T-Shirt Size Large
  • Camp Half-Blood T-Shirt Size Medium
  • Okay?Okay. T-Shirt Size Large/Xtra Large
  • NERD Tetris T-Shirt Size Large
  • Fan Art Weasley Twins in Womb T-Shirt Size Medium
  • This Machine Pwns Noobs T-Shirt Size Large signed by John and Hank Green


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  • This giveaway will end on Sunday, 31 August 2014 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • There will only be onewinner, so good luck to all!







when distant relatives try to kiss you


inspired by x



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List of movie couples  [3/∞] - Cherry DarlingEl Wray

Cherry Darling: Two against the world. 
El Wray: Remember that? 
Cherry Darling: I never forgot it. 

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#mcrshoes #theblackparade

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Havoc! That's the name. It just came to me. It wasn't bad. He just wasn't a character I wanted to really root for. Then again never was Anne Hathaway's character.

Ohhh I see hahah. I watched Planet Terror just because he’s in it. I usually don’t watch gory movies! I was also gonna watch Harsh Times and Bottle Shock but I have no idea what they’re about. I wanna see CBGB too but not because of him; I’ve wanted to see it for a while

I would like to thank you for keeping Freddy on my dash regularly. He's gorgeous and I'm still trying to erase that one movie he did with Anne Hathaway out of my head.

Hahah omg! I’m glad you like it; I’m the only person I know that’s a fan of his. Lol I have not seen that one yet! Is it bad?

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Song: Xo
Artist: Fall Out Boy
Album: From Under the Cork Tree
Played: 6,021 times.


XO by Fall Out Boy



trying out a new process combining my digital and acrylic work with a 6” X 6” Manning on canvas.





Series One

Episode One: Stream | Torrent
Episode Two: Stream | Torrent
Episode Three: Stream | Torrent

Series Two

Episode One: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Two: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Three: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Four: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Five: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent
Episode Six: BBC iPlayer | Stream | Torrent


- HERE you cand download the extension Hola to watch the BBC iPlayer outside the UK

- Here’s the unofficial official page of Facebook for the show fans

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so to sum up: best show ever created im not over exaggerating i literally watched it in one sitting (its only 9 episodes) and had to step back because i couldnt wrap my mind around how a show could be so perfectly flawless no joke i was fucking stunned. great characters, great plot, so relevant, so topical, makes you think but is also 100% entertaining, so unique, no queerbaiting, perfect writing, literally perfect, if you dont think its worth your time youre wrong. watch it. not to save it. but because you dont know how incomplete your life is without it

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