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" If life is a story, then mine is a SAGA " - Adam Warrock, Family Matters


The Stalk, Saga Vol. 1

Read the first volume on vacation and this lovely lady is hands down my favorite character

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adorable graphic by Megan Gatts

What exactly are the approximate races of Alana and Marko? Like it's a fantasy/sci-fi deal so I know they're aliens but, let's be real, I seriously doubt the team would stray from this kind of question since they write a comic like this and the artist is an ~awake~ WoC?????




“This is an original fantasy book with no superheroes, two non-white leads and an opening chapter featuring graphic robot sex. I thought we might be cancelled by our third issue.”

- Brian K. Vaughan (x)

Both Brian and Fiona have repeatedly said that their heroes are PoC. And of course it’s clear from Fiona’s illustrations that neither Alana nor Marko are white, but that Alana has darker skin than Marko.

The only featured/recurring character in the Saga universe who actually seems to have white skin is The Stalk.

However, I still come across white-washed Saga fan art and fancasting posts, which never cease to amaze and infuriate me. No matter how pretty the art, I will never repost that shit.

If people genuinely see these characters as white, they need to check their eyesight or their racism. And I doubt the optometrist will find any deficiencies.

Thanks for the ask. I haven’t had a good rant on this subject in a while!

Personal pet peeve is folks who think Marko is white. He ain’t.

Marko is meant to be Asian- more specifically, I combined features from a handful of Japanese models and actors when I was designing him. I can see why people sometimes mistake him for white, because I avoided using exaggerated racial markers (slanted eyes, rounded nose, etc). With simple cartoon drawings like these, a lot is left to the reader’s imagination. So I accept there will be some misidentification because I didn’t draw Marko’s family like Mulan characters, haha.

I see Alana as having mixed heritage. When I drew her father I was envisioning an Indian man. Her mother remains a mystery!




Captain America saved the world twice now and all it cost him was two Bucks


“[Electra Heart] is about love, really, even though I hate to say it.”

Recently JK was having a lovely chat with Emma and she kind of cast a little bit of doubt on the long-term romantic prospects of Ron and Hermione — what did you think about that?





These are a few of my favorite pictures of her. #dreamgirl

Okay - just from a semiotics/art appreciation standpoint - 

Do you notice that in her images where she is topless, she is not sexualized in the way that scantily clad women often are in photography? She looks aggressive, or like she’s just standing around doing whatever. She does NOT look submissive or “come hither”. The expression in one of these is a “fuck you” expression and sometimes the expression is playful - but aggressively so.

She is posed the way that half-naked men are posed. NOT half-naked women.

My fucking bitch


girl crUSHHH


girl crUSHHH


Daria on VHS

If you live in the Chicago area you can hire me!

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That’s the show.